Predicted Tesla Cybertruck Price Around the World

Predicted Tesla Cybertruck Price Around the World

We observed a discrepancy online where publications predicted the price of the Tesla Cybertruck by simply converting the USD price to local currencies. However, this method didn’t accurately reflect Tesla’s global pricing strategy for its other models. In light of this, we have taken on the task of predicting the Cybertruck’s price worldwide by analyzing Tesla’s past pricing patterns, which have varied from country to country. This led us to focus our study on the rear-wheel drive (RWD) model, recognizing it as the most affordable and newest Cybertruck among the three models announced by Tesla.

Ever since it was revealed in November 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck has been a popular topic among car enthusiasts and those interested in purchasing an electric vehicle worldwide. With its unique design and promised advanced features, it has created a lot of excitement and is considered one of the most highly anticipated vehicle releases. As Tesla prepares to release its newest groundbreaking pickup truck, people are eager to know the pricing differences in various countries. 

This article aims to provide insight into the predicted pricing of the Tesla Cybertruck globally, examining its role as a symbol of innovation and its accessibility to a diverse range of potential owners with varying economic backgrounds.


Collecting price: We began by gathering pricing information for four Tesla models—Tesla 3, Tesla S, Tesla Y, and Tesla X—from Tesla’s official website. In cases where certain models were not listed on Tesla’s website for Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia, we sourced pricing data from local dealerships and reputable review websites. These prices reflect the basic specifications and include local taxes and fees.

Calculating price: We calculated the percentage difference between each country’s pricing and the corresponding price in the US. We then calculated the average percentage difference across all four models. This provides a comprehensive view of how prices vary across different regions compared to the US.

Using the average percentage difference, we projected the price of the Cybertruck in other countries. This involved applying the average percentage difference to the base price of the Cybertruck in the US to estimate its price in each respective region. 

Finally, to examine the affordability of purchasing a Tesla Cybertruck in various countries, we compared the price of a Tesla with the average annual income of each country. The average annual income data was obtained from Worldata.

Key findings

  • Denmark is the most expensive country to buy a Tesla Cybertruck with a price of $104,960.
  • Coming in 2nd place as the most expensive place to buy a Tesla Cybertruck is the United Kingdom, with $100,009.
  • The price of a Cybertruck in the United States is the cheapest with only $60,990.
  • Canada is the second-ranked country with the cheapest Cybertruck, priced at $70,089.
  • Norway is the most affordable country to buy a Tesla Cybertruck, where you can spend 74% of the average annual income.
  • In Mexico, you would need to spend more than 8 times your average annual income to buy a Tesla Cybertruck, making it the least affordable country to purchase a Tesla Cybertruck.

The predicted price of a Tesla Cybertruck around the world

According to the data, Denmark is ranked as the highest-priced country to buy a Tesla Cybertruck, with a cost of $104,960. This Scandinavian country is known for its high taxation on vehicles, which greatly increases the expenses associated with owning a car, particularly if it is an imported electric vehicle like the Tesla Cybertruck. Not far behind is the United Kingdom, marking the price at $100,009, reflecting the combined impact of import taxes, VAT, and other tariffs specific to the UK.

Conversely, the United States offers the most budget-friendly option, with a price of just $60,990. This pricing advantage is largely due to Tesla’s manufacturing presence in Fremont, California, which reduces logistics costs and import duties for American buyers. Furthermore, Canada maintains its spot as the second cheapest country for the Cybertruck, which is priced at $70,089, with a price of $70,089, taking advantage of its close location to the manufacturing center of the US.

Most & least affordable countries to buy a Tesla Cybertruck

When considering affordability, Norway stands out as the most favorable country for affordability. The cost of the Cybertruck only amounts to 74.48% of the average annual income in Norway, making it a feasible option for the majority of the population. This is a reflection of the country’s above-average income levels and the government’s efforts to promote the adoption of electric vehicles.

In contrast, Mexico is considered the most expensive country, as it would require individuals to use more than 8 times their average annual earnings to purchase a Cybertruck, placing it as the least affordable country.

When it comes to the cost of the Cybertruck, Denmark stands out with the highest price. However, in terms of affordability, it is in a comparatively moderate position. Danish citizens would have to use up 142.76% of their income to purchase the electric pickup, placing Denmark in 8th place among the countries examined.


The predicted pricing and affordability of the Tesla Cybertruck offer a unique perspective on the global EV market. It highlights the differences in economic conditions, tax policies, and governmental regulations among countries, from the expensive cost in Denmark to the affordability in Norway and the competitive pricing in the United States. As the EV revolution accelerates, these insights not only inform potential buyers but also reflect the broader challenges and opportunities facing the electric vehicle industry worldwide.

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