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Clean Me is a mobile car wash app linking car owners to car care professionals in Birmingham, West Midlands. Book your next appointment in seconds with just a few taps. Whether you are parked in Cadbury’s World, Out at the National Sea Life Centre or working from home. We’ll come right to your doorstep. Download the app today and experience the ultimate convenience

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Our Car Cleaning Services In Birmingham

You’ll discover hundreds of seasoned car washers located in Birmingham and beyond. Find the right sellers for you by evaluating their prices, service options, and reviews.

Exterior Valet

car hand wash

Interior Valet

car interior

Exterior & Interior Valet

car foam wash

Full Valet

And many more services in Birmingham!


How does Clean Me Work?

Clean Me is an online marketplace connecting car owners with car wash professionals in Birmingham. The car wash app contains hundreds of sellers featuring specialised service options at affordable prices. Compare sellers to find the right services for your vehicle and budget. It’s all your car wash needs in one place.

Follow these steps to get started:

Download the app

Go to either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the app. We’re completely compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. Once you’ve downloaded the app, we’d appreciate it if you’d leave a review. It’s a brilliant way to provide feedback on your app experience.

Create your account

Are you new to Clean Me? If so, follow the on-screen instructions to create your account. Fill out the requested details, including your location information. We need to know where you are to show sellers in your area.

For further information, please refer to our quick start guide.

Book your mobile car wash

Time to get started. Scroll through the app to compare the different sellers. Review the ratings, price, and service options, or get in touch with the seller to clarify any details. Every order can also be personalised within the app based on your vehicle’s requirements.

To book the appointment, simply add the time, date, and location. You can track the order status within the app as you go about your day.

Clean Me doesn’t provide car wash services directly. We’re responsible for hosting and managing the app and marketplace. Each seller sets their own prices based on local competition, the service quality, and the time involved. Most sellers let you customise the order, only including the service you’re after. If you’ve got any questions, send the seller a message via the chat function.

We offer services for every customer’s price point. The competitive nature of the app incentivises sellers to keep prices as low as possible. Plus, it’s up to you to decide which mobile car wash in Birmingham provides the best value for money.

Yes. Parking availability is crucial to carrying out the car wash, car valet, or car detailing in Birmingham. Every car washer needs sufficient space to work and operate, accessing all sides of the vehicle. Most people choose their driveway or a work car park, either of which is perfect. If you set your location as a public road, please ensure it is accessible and safe. Our sellers cannot work alongside busy thoroughfares.

Usually no. The majority of sellers will provide a water source as part of the service. Some sellers may need access to water, however – especially if you’ve selected a water-intensive service. The sellers should make this known, but you can send them a message for clarification.

Usually no. As for water, power is typically provided by the sellers themselves. But not only sellers have an independent power source and may request access to the mains. Get in touch with the seller to understand their requirements.

Yes! Once your order is completed, we encourage you to leave a review describing your experience. Praise sellers who go above and beyond, highlight quality finishes or provide some constructive feedback. It’s the best way to support other users and help us build a trustworthy community. Even criticism provides sellers with useful feedback to improve their service. Just keep your reviews honest and fair.

Clean Me is designed to provide regular notifications regarding your order status. Not receiving these updates? Go to app settings and enable push notifications. Your seller will update the order status as they progress, giving you an estimate of the finished time.

That means you can carry on with your day, letting the car wash professional get to work. It’s the genius of Clean Me. Spotless vehicles and effortless convenience.

Not sure which service to choose? Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Car Wash: Basic exterior cleaning that’s fast and budget-friendly often includes a simple interior vacuum.
  2. Car Valet: A more detailed service with meticulous exterior hand washing and drying, plus interior vacuuming and polishing.
  3. Car Detailing: The premium package offers extensive cleaning, restoration, and finishing for both the exterior and interior, including paint correction and protective coatings.

Mobile Car Valeting Birmingham

Organising a car valet or car detailing session in Birmingham is a headache. You’ve got to decide where to go, leave your car, and plan your whole day around the service. Not so with Clean Me. You decide the service, time, and location, picking from hundreds of professional sellers. It doesn’t get any more convenient.

Why Choose Our Mobile Car Wash Services in Birmingham?

Book your next car wash in seconds, thanks to Clean Me. Superior finishes, friendly car wash experts, and a simple booking process – what more could you want?

Reasonable Prices

Luxury car wash services don’t have to cost a fortune. Returning your car to pristine condition can be affordable with the right professional services. Clean Me provides the full range of prices, from basic car washes to comprehensive car valets in Birmingham. You select the right service package for your budget and vehicle. Prices are based on local competition, incentivising sellers to keep prices reasonable.

Simplified Booking

Thanks to the app, booking a mobile car wash in Birmingham is a breeze. In just a few clicks, you can compare sellers, send messages, and confirm your appointment. The app even lets you personalise the service package depending on your requirements. Once you’ve confirmed the order, you’ll receive notifications for every stage.

Environmental Services

Our commitment to the environment and sustainable services isn’t just lip service. Our car wash professionals use eco-friendly chemicals and water-conservation practices to reduce our overall environmental footprint. Such chemicals usually damage paintwork and tyres – so your car also benefits.

We are dedicated to sustainability, striving to reduce our carbon footprint and helping customers contribute to a greener, cleaner future for our planet.

Our Services

Is your car in need of a deep clean? We’ve got you covered. Our seasoned car wash specialists can handle everything wrong with your vehicle. From car valets to car detailing in Birmingham, you can select the service option to restore your vehicle to spotless condition.

Common options include:

  • Car Valeting: exterior and interior valet, premium waxing and polishing, wheel and tyre car, headlight restoration, clay bar treatment, and odour elimination and sanitation.

  • Car Detailing: exterior restoration, interior makeover, paint correction and scratch removal, ceramic coating, convertible top restoration, engine bay detailing, leather care, glass polishing, and plastic trim restoration.

Mix and match from the options above, tailoring the service package to your vehicle’s needs and budget. Whether your paintwork needs a little clay bar treatment, your convertible’s roof needs restoration, or you just want a good old-fashioned car wash, there’s an option for everyone.

Every transaction within the Clean Me app is 100% secured by our payment system. We also have a customer support team on hand to provide support if you run into any problems. We’re ready to help.

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