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Forget about waiting at a car wash only to get a quick clean that misses the details. Some traditional car washes use rough cleaning ways and strong chemicals that can damage your car’s paint, edges, and wheels over time. With our marketplace of mobile car valeters, you’re guaranteed a careful cleaning using the right products to keep your car safe. They pay close attention to detail, ensuring your car is spotless and inviting, inside and out. 

We connect you with professional mobile car valeters in your area who come fully equipped to clean your car. These mobile valeting experts carry all the necessary tools and cleaning products to ensure your vehicle shines wherever you are. It’s an incredibly convenient way to clean your car without leaving your home or office. 

Car wash exterior foam

Our mobile valeters work all over the UK, covering towns, cities, and villages in England, Scotland, and Wales. Our big network makes finding car valeters near you very easy. Check out the map on our website to see all the mobile car valeting locations we cover.

Mobile Car Valet Services

Choosing us means your car gets special treatment. Our mobile car valeting service providers focus on giving your vehicle the care it needs with a personal touch. They treat every car like it’s their own, using safe products that keep your paint, trim, and wheels safe from harm.

You won’t find any harsh chemicals or rough cleaning methods here. Only gentle, effective cleaning that protects your car.

Our car valeting marketplace is made up of the best mobile car valeters around. They’re not just skilled; they love cars and want to make yours shine. Plus, booking with us is easy. Pick the service you need, and we’ll do the rest.

They also think about the environment, offering options that clean your car without hurting the planet.

Our Car valeting Services

Our mobile car valeting services, provided by our operators, cover everything your car needs to look its best. Here’s what our marketplace of valeters typically offer:

  • Exterior Valet – Clean your car’s outside thoroughly, removing dirt and grime. This leaves your car looking shiny and new.
  • Interior Valet – We clean the inside of your car, too. This includes vacuuming the seats and floors and wiping down surfaces to make the inside feel fresh and clean.
  • Premium Waxing and Polishing – We can wax and polish your car after washing. This makes the paint shine more and adds a layer to protect it from the weather.
  • Wheel and Tyre Care – We don’t forget about the wheels and tyres. We clean them specially so they look great and match the rest of the cleaned car.
  • Headlight Restoration – Over time, headlights can get cloudy. We can fix this, making your headlights look clear again and improving how well you can see at night.
  • Clay Bar Treatment – This special cleaning removes tiny bits of dirt from the paint. It makes your car’s paint smooth and ready for waxing.
  • Odour Elimination and Sanitisation – If your car has any bad smells, we can eliminate them. We also sanitise the inside, making your car a healthier place to be.

Book Your Mobile Valeting Session Today!

To book your mobile valeting session, just follow these steps:

  1. Download the Clean Me app.
    Search your address to find the mobile valeting services available near you.
  1. Choose the valeting service you need.
    You can pick what kind of cleaning you want, whether just outside your car or inside and outside. Then, you can select the technician and time that work best for you.
  2. Sit Back and Relax

Finish your booking by creating an account and entering your payment details. After that, you can chill out and let us handle everything else.

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