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Are you a resident in the Basingstoke area? Looking for a more convenient way to keep your car clean? We’re here to help. With the Clean Me app you can book a mobile car wash in Basingstoke, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. It’s time to say goodbye to traditional car washes and hello to bringing the car wash to you, wherever you are. No matter if you’re busy working from home, enjoying a visit to the Milestones Museum or entertaining the family at the Leisure Park, our expert technicians can bring the car wash to you. Download the Clean Me app today to book yours.

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Our Car Cleaning Services In Basingstoke

Exterior Valet

car hand wash

Interior Valet

car interior

Exterior & Interior Valet

car foam wash

Full Valet

And many more services in Basingstoke!


How does Clean Me Work?

Download the app

Clean Me is a marketplace that brings together car owners, mobile valeters and detailers in Basingstoke. Download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Create your account

Sign up on the app and create your account. We’ll also need to know your location in order to show you mobile car washers in your area. If you are a vehicle washer see our quick start guide here.

Book your mobile car wash

Select your preferred service provider, service and a date and time that suits you.

Enjoy your clean car!

Relax while your car is professionally cleaned in Basingstoke. Is there anything more satisfying than a clean car? 😁🚘

Because we are a marketplace of mobile car valeters and detailers, we don’t set the pricing our operators do. This way our customers can see a range of prices from nearby operators and can ensure that they are getting the best possible price for their mobile car wash. To see the pricing of mobile car washers in Basingstoke, download the app and add your location.

For the valet or detail to take place, the operator will require parking next to or in close proximity to your vehicle. We understand that this may be challenging in some parts of Basingstoke, so this does not have to be on a driveway at your home, but can also be carried out on a public road as long as parking is available.

The majority of our onboarded washers will provide water for your valet or detail. However, there maybe some who will require access to water. Contact the washer you’ve booked through the chat function in the app to find out.
The majority of our onboarded washers will provide power for your valet or detail. However, there maybe some who will require access to electricity. Contact the washer you’ve booked through the chat function in the app to find out.

We understand that honest feedback helps build a trustworthy community and provides valuable information for other users. Customers can leave a review for the operator after an order is complete. 

To stay up to date on your booking in Basingstoke, enable push notifications in the app settings to receive updates on order progress and important announcements. If you are a washer. you should ensure you keep the Order Status updated. To do this select the Order you wish to update from the Orders tab. Scroll to “Update Status”. Select from the available options.

Mobile Car Valeting Basingstoke

By booking your mobile car wash in Basingstoke via the Clean Me app, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle. No longer do you need to worry about finding time to take your car to a traditional car wash, when it can be professionally cleaned after just a few taps on your smartphone. Whether you’re looking for a simple car wash, car valeting or perhaps car detailing in Basingstoke, you’ll find that the Clean Me app provides options for all. Head over to either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store today to download the Clean Me app to experience the Clean Me difference.

Why use the Clean Me app to book mobile car valeting in Basingstoke?

Convenience is key

In today’s busy world we know that convenience is key. Convenient services are the way in which we can all unlock the potential in our day and simply get more done. It doesn’t matter what you’re busy doing, whether you’re working away in your office in the town centre or having a life admin day at home, Clean Me can bring the car wash to you wherever you’re based. Book your mobile car wash in Basingstoke today so you can focus on what’s really important.

Easy Booking Process

We designed the Clean Me app to have a truly user-friendly interface, one that makes the whole booking process a breeze. The app allows you to easily choose your preferred service provider, service type, date and time. Once you’ve selected those, that’s it. Our expert technicians will turn up promptly ready to give your vehicle the makeover it needs. Car valeting in Basingstoke has never been so easy to arrange.

Expert Technicians

You’ll be pleased to hear that the Clean Me team have taken the time to rigorously check and approve each and every car cleaning professional that features on our marketplace. So if your car is your absolute pride and joy, you can relax knowing that it’s in the capable hands of a true expert in car valeting and car detailing in Basingstoke. One that will treat your car as if it was their own.

Tailored Service

Within the Clean Me app you can customise the service you’d like to receive, from a simple mobile car wash in Basingstoke to give your car its shine back, through to more intensive interior and exterior cleaning. Our local technicians are real experts when it comes to car valeting in Basingstoke, and you’ll see that they have additional add-on services available, such as odour removal, waxing and polishing. Download the Clean Me app today to explore the options for car detailing in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.

Want to know more about car washing, valeting and detailing? Have a read of our blog post where we discuss the difference between car washing, valeting and detailing.

Planet Friendly Practices

We’re proud to partner with expert local car cleaning technicians who incorporate planet friendly practices into their work. From the use of eco-friendly products, through to water-saving cleaning techniques, our technicians take active steps to ensure their work impacts the planet as little as possible. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy your clean new car knowing that our teams have cleaned it with efficiency and sustainability in mind.

Supporting Local Business

Whilst the Clean Me app provides utmost convenience to our customers, we’re also proud of how the app supports local car cleaning businesses right here in Basingstoke and helps them to develop and grow. The Clean Me app provides them with a platform to access new and returning customers, efficient scheduling tools and a helpful customer service team should they need any assistance. By working together we’ve been able to build a really successful and convenient service that connects local business to local residents.

Connect with fellow enthusiasts

Not only can you book your mobile car wash in Basingstoke via the Clean Me app, you can also connect with like-minded car enthusiasts. Read and share recommendations, chat all things automotive care and stay updated with the latest trends. The car community is a great thing to be a part of, so we’re pleased we can connect people together who share a real passion for cars.

Book your session for mobile car detailing in Basingstoke today!

Kick start your Clean Me experience today by downloading the app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and say goodbye to struggling to keep your car clean. No matter if you wish to book a basic car wash or a session of intensive car detailing in Basingstoke or the surrounding areas, with the Clean Me app you can effortlessly arrange exactly what you need. It’s now easier than ever to book your mobile car wash in Basingstoke.

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