Optimising your Clean Me washer profile

You’ve set up your washer account and are ready for bookings, but how can you optimise your profile to maximise the chance of customer conversion and business success? We’ve put together some tips to help you do just that! 

1. Add a profile image

Edit washer profile photo

Go to “Profile” then “Personal Details”. Here you can upload a profile image. This is the first image a customer will see when they see your business in the app search results. We recommend using your company logo for this to provide a professional first impression and help build up brand awareness. Alternatively, you can use a high-quality image of your work. Remember, this image will be shown on the washer card so avoid an overcrowded image with lots of vehicles and text. Keep it clear and simple. 

2. Add high quality gallery images

Gallery image examples

Whenever people buy something, they usually want to see it. Whether that’s in-store or digitally, images are a powerful way to showcase your business. This becomes increasingly important for higher value services. A Service Profile page without any images is unlikely to see much conversion, if any. We recommend you upload at least 3 high quality images including an example of an exterior service, an interior service and an image of you actively cleaning the vehicle. These images will help showcase the quality you provide and give customers an idea of what to expect if they book with you. For best results try to upload 5 to 10 images and avoid stock photos.  

You are free to include text in your images too, e.g. caption images with the name of the service, “Full Valet Exterior”, or “Before” and “After”. The Before and After images can be a very useful way to show customers the detailing difference you can provide.  

3. Tell customers who you are

The “Trading Description” in your Service Profile is your chance to literally tell customers what you can offer and what makes you unique. You may already have some text you can adapt for this from your website or social media pages. Use the WHO, WHAT, WHY checklist to structure your description. 

  • WHO are you? E.g. Professional mobile detailer 
  • WHAT do you do? E.g. Specialising in high quality maintenance washes, full valet and ceramic coating services 
  • WHY are you unique and should customers choose you? E.g. 10+ years of experience and winner of Small Business Award 2023. 

Put this together and you build a compelling description that keeps customers on your page and ready to check your service details and availability: “We are professional mobile detailers established since 2010. Our services include high-quality maintenance washes, full valet and ceramic coating services that go beyond an ordinary car wash. Highly rated and winner of the Small Business Award 2023, book us today for a valet like no other!” 

4. Sell your services

Service description example

Don’t assume customers will already know exactly what you provide within each service. Whilst the core elements may be the same, you may offer slightly different packages to other washers and certainly a different proposition to a local car wash. In the My Services section utilise and tailor your service descriptions. This helps customers understand what is included, how much it costs and how long it takes, especially if they are new to mobile valeting services. The more questions you take away from their mind, the easier their decision to book becomes! We have some pre-populated service options you can toggle on to help you get started but these are fully customisable! You can even add additional services using the “Customer Service” option.  

Want to go a step further? In your description take the opportunity to signpost to customers why this service should interest them in the opening line. Examples: 

  • Exterior Valet: The most popular service amongst our customers for regular maintenance. A valet of just the exterior of your car including: A, B, C, D, E.  
  • Deep Clean: Is your vehicle in need of a thorough clean after lots build up over a long time? Or perhaps you are getting ready to sell your vehicle and want it looking showroom ready? Our Deep Clean service aims to do just that and includes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. 

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